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Covid-19 into 20

Covid-19 has opened up so many things in our lives. It emerged in 2019 as one country's problem, yet three months into 2020, it has made its presence felt as a pandemic; a global problem.

Apart from the mounting uncertainty and fear, the virus has created a plethora of creativity, clever memes, hilarious videos innovation, kindness, and compassion. Families are reminded of what it is to engage, play games together, make a home-cooked meal and spend quality time. The entire world has no choice but to stay away from the office, shut the doors of their businesses and to spend days upon end at home. While this is financially scary on a world scale, it has forced us to re-examine our priorities and to realise how quickly everything can change.

We spend so much of our lives in a rush, no time to stop, no time to connect and yet an invisible and horrible little virus has brought us all to our knees, and suddenly we have more time than we know what to do with. Imagine the chaos if wifi and cable TV were to go in the mix! The majority of people would probably go mad.

Why are we so challenged to spend time without social structure? Is it that we are not comfortable in our own skin? Maybe it is because this situation forces us to spend time with ourselves, our thoughts and our insecurities and perhaps we don't like what we see. The wonderful thing is that all this time on our hands allows us to reflect, to think, to meditate and to discover more about ourselves. We can choose to take some time and be proactive in creating the change we want to see not just in ourselves but it the post-Covid-19 world.

The impact on our environment has been one of the most remarkable things. The absence of vehicles on the road, planes in the stratosphere, vessels in the ocean and people in the environment, have given nature time to restore some balance. The planet can breathe and is healing from the absence of the daily assault it received from humankind; the planet's biggest threat and worst plague.

Perhaps the lesson mother nature is trying to teach us is that at the end of the day, we are spending borrowed time here and we are not in control. We exist at her fancy. A storm, tsunami, hurricane, earthquake or an invisible virus can take us down and humble us at any moment.

No one knows for sure what will become of this Covid-19 into 20 and counting. Let's hope it does not see 21!!

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